I am here… it took a lot of convincing from my family and my friends ….

Blogging always seemed rather formidable to me..but when it comes to my passion for food i felt i had to start putting down all that i have learned and still learning… the kitchen and me are partners in crime, whether failures or triumphs, many a dish has found its way to the bin when i felt it was not upto the mark or the table when it feels and tastes perfect…

Cooking has been an interest since the young age of 12 when i saw my mom catering for weddings…sindhi weddings had a particular rigidness to the food offered during the 1970’s..if you were from a middleclass family the norm was to serve A PLATE…so called plate was either a paper plate or plastic… a chutney sandwich , a sindhi sambosa, a potato tikki, some potato chips and a gulab jamun… and to wash it all down u were given a drink…cococola or limca or fanta…and when mom had a catering order for 100 0r 300 people..her kitchen was busy with her two BHAIYAS…cooks from bihar…and the tantalizing fragrance of the sambosa fillings to the sweet gulabjamun being fried…were truely amazing…and the best part of it all was the leftovers we got to eat…even bring to school for breakfast…of course those were the days when we could eat and eat without even thinking about the calories…calories was an alien word…life was simple and fun….

As the years passed it was my mother who was my teacher for the sindhi food and tarla dalal for more adventurous cooking…. i just wanted to experiment with food and more food….

Today as a mother of four beautiful children …i feel i still have a lot to learn… and so the experiments and trials go on.. i hope you will have a chance to look into my life as i start writing this blog….


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