The love of gardening



Raat ki rani plant…night garden

How is it that something is right under your nose and you just take it for granted? Thats my story…for 21 years it was my husband who looked after our garden, with me just admiring it…from afar…:) and suddenly the love and memory of one particular flower which bloomed abundantly in my nani’ s house THE RAAT KI RANI, botanical name cestrum nocturnum..awoke the sleeping gardener in me.I suppose it was memories of me at a very young age ,  going to visit nani at kanya shala road with my mom and staying till sundown when these magical flowers let out a heady fragrance ..a beautiful childhood memory.! And the quest of this beautiful plant took me all over google land. Bringing in a live plant from india was ofcourse out of question, since that is illegal..all i wanted was the seeds….and finally i hit paydirt on ebay…got the seeds from the usa and planted them..while waiting patiently for the sapling to appear..i looked around for herbs which suddenly seemed to be so easy to grow ..and so started my love for gardening.

The immence pleasure of nurturing, loving a plant, watching it grow from seed to sapling to a plant which gives back the love by blooming into wonderful fragrant flowers is something so beautiful..makes one thankful for bountiful nature. The past 4 years have seen me build a small terrace garden with my favourite plants…herbs,  roses, parijat, kemuning, jasmine, manaca, raat ki rani…to name a few.. its my private space..not intruding in the landscaped garden in our home which is my husbands love…

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